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GreenLifeTM Herbal Blend And Its Benefits

GreenLife is a nutritious and detoxifying herbal blend that you can blend  into a delicious healthy shake. The price is less than $2.50 per serving.  To place an order or to request a free sample contact Angie at 214-738-1555 or send an email to

Here is a short video demonstrating the preparation of the shake:  

The ingredients that make up this healthy green mix are certified organic herbs of high quality, harvested at the time of their greatest potency. This page describes only part of the health benefits of this blend, listing only part of the qualities of each herb.

Liver and blood detoxification are some of the properties of the chlorophyll-rich herbs in the blend. Chlorophyll is also a biochemical neutralizer of pollutants, and aids in detoxification of deposits and stones. Alginic acid in the seaweeds binds with the toxins in the intestines and carries them out of the system. Beet root has powerful liver detoxification properties. 

   Immune system support
Astragalus is one of the best herbs for preventing colds, having antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties and stimulating the immune system. Spirulina is a strong immune system booster, stimulating natural killer cells that can help fight cancer cells. Rosehips provide a high vitamin C content.

   Increased energy level
Nettle, wheat and barley grasses contain high chlorophyll amounts that provide a highly-oxygenated environment for the brain and tissues.

    Weight Management
Dulse and Spirulina offer an abundance of protein that give a sense of fullness similar to the one obtained from animal proteins. The chlorophyll present in high amounts in the blend normalizes the thyroid gland to stimulate metabolism.

   Cholesterol Lowering Properties
Nutritional yeast, spirulina and orange peel are the ingredients in the mix with the strongest cholesterol-lowering capabilities.

   Nutrient rich
Barley and wheat grasses, alfalfa, astragalus, spinach and nettle are full of calcium, magnesium and B vitamins. Seaweeds in the mix are rich in iodine and contain over 70 other minerals and trace elements. Spirulina has a high good quality protein and carotenoids contents. Alfalfa’s rich content of vitamins, minerals and protein is what gave its name (arabic origin of the name: father of all foods.)

   Anti-Cancer Properties
Chlorophyll and spirulina have been proved to strengthen cells against carcinogens. The blue pigment phycocyanin in spirulina has been shown to inhibit cancer-colony formation. Spinach has more than 13 different flavonoid compounds in spinach that function as antioxidants and as anti-cancer agents.

   Better Blood Circulation
Lemon peel is rich in vitamin P, highly contributing to the flexibility of the blood capillaries and to the health of the circulatory system.


The approximate nutrient amount in one serving (2 Tbsp) of GreenLife is;

Vitamin A (beta-carotene)

7,000 i.u.

Vitamin B6

5.4 mg


3 mg

Vitamin B1

6 mg

Vitamin B12

8.3 mcg


2 mg

Vitamin B2

6 mg


50.5 mg


53 mcg

Vitamin B3

32 mg


80 mg


2 g

- Recommended reading: Healing with Whole Foods, Paul Pitchford