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"I have found Angie and her naturopathic guidance to be a gentle yet sustainable influence on my well-being and the goals I have in place for my health.  I appreciate her gentle, informative, yet persistent technique!  She has met me at every turn with sound solutions that help me move forward towards a better me! Thanks for always being only an email, phone call, or appointment away!"
                                                                                         --- Kim, Plano     

"When I started working with Angie I had no energy, I was always tired. We did a few significant changes to my diet and the improvement was impressive and surprisingly immediate. Now I know how to eat and I continue making the green shake with the herbal powder from her (Green Life). I learned a lot from Angie and am grateful for her help.
                                                                                  --- Sid V., McKinney     

" Angie helped me keep my tough disease under control with her herbal blends. That eased my suffering when I had to undergo chemotherapy, and I'm convinced it helps now to avoid a recurrence. My adult daughter has also started taking a less concentrated version of the same tea as I do - as a preventative. Along with the herbal blend I also found Angie's naturopathic consultations very helpful, I follow most of her numerous recommendations for changes in my diet, and I think that helped too."
                                                                                 --- Janet, McKinney     

"I have had Shiatsu treatments from Angie for the past 5 years.  I first came to her for a "frozen shoulder" and after a few months I had regained complete mobility.  The treatments are relaxing and energizing at the same time.  I have continued with Shiatsu treatments as well as naturopathic consultations in order to achieve a stronger mind and body.  Angie seems to have a thorough understanding of shiatsu, yoga and naturopathy and how they all relate to  healing.  She has guided me in all these areas and given me wonderful recipes along the way.  I value her expert knowledge tremendously.  
Pat D., Dallas

"For many years, or I would rather say since I remember myself, I was struggling with weight loss issues. I have tried many diets and was never able to follow them for a long time or to keep it as a habit for life. Finally, I decided to try Angie's Natural weight loss program. The results were that I lost the weight I wanted to lose and dropped 2 sizes. I continued working with her for over a year on securing the new eating habits, learning what foods really suit me and make me feel satisfied and I also learned healthy and easy recipes. Today, I am very aware of my eating behavior. I can catch myself on time if I go back to bad eating habits and I can correct it myself based on the knowledge I gained from working with Angie. Angie's food plan really makes sense and is easy to follow." 
                                                             --- Ruth S., Dallas

"After every Shiatsu session I felt calmer, relaxed and released, with no tension in the muscles that were painful before. Angie's method of using Shiatsu to apply pressure on the whole body, from head to toe, and give special attention to problematic areas was very beneficial to me. My positive attitude and good mood returned to me, and a general feeling of wellbeing accompanied me for days after each session. Angie's dedication to her clients comes from the bottom of her heart."
                                                             --- Penina G., Dallas

"I went to Angie's practice in January 2006, following her ad in the Holistic Networker. It was just after making the new year resolution of starting to do something about my aching body. At that time I did not know what Shiatsu was, but it sounded interesting, so I gave it a try. It was a wonderful experience, and I keep going on a regular basis. I am grateful to Angie for her wonderful touch, her patience and willingness to listen and her helpful advice with various natural remedies.
                                                                  -- Kay C. , Plano

"After following a series of wellness sessions with Angie I finally regained trust in my body's healing ability and dared to stopped taking the drugs that I felt so dependent on. It was a long process and it was not always easy, but now I feel a completely new and healthy person."
                                                                   -- Irina, Allen

"Angie's natural weight loss program is the first I was able to stick to and keep the results after 2 years. She worked with me, finding the right diet that I can work with, coached me and the results are two sizes less, brighter skin, no more headaches - I am happy! Thanks!"
                                                                      -- Reena, Dallas

"Originally I started going to Shiatsu therapy for my back pain. I had had acupuncture sessions in the past that helped and I had read that Shiatsu works on the same idea. I enjoyed Angie's touch very much, and felt very relaxed after the first session. The back pain was still there, but diminished, so I started to go regularly, and I feel wonderful. As it turned out, the sessions helped with two additional problems I had not thought of in the beginnning: a digestion problem I was having improved, and the range of motion of my left arm, which was limited after an old injury - increased, after years of giving up any hope. I will keep getting Shiatsu at Angie's place for as long as I can."
                                                                  -- Chris B., Shoham

"Angie has been helping me for the past two years with my back problems. I have had surgery for herniated disc years ago, and when I decided to try Shiatsu I was again starting to feel pain and my doctor said I would eventually need to have another surgery. I didn't want that. I tried both massage and Shiatsu therapy. Shiatsu seemed to help more. Later, when a flare-up occurred due to intensive effort I had to do, and I feared I would be on my way to the surgeon's table - she was by my side, with more frequent sessions, therapeutic volatile oils and encouragement. I did manage to overcome it and am very thankful for it!

Angie also recommended posture corrections and some exercises I can do on my own daily and find extremely beneficial. I also learned a lot about better, healthier nutrition from her."
                                                                 -- Lili T, Shoham

"Angie, just before leaving town and ending our treatment series, I would like to write a few words to you. Thank you very much for every session, for your never ending patience, for the effort put in every detail and for the numerous pleasant hours of Shiatsu. I believe that my body was brought back to balance due to Shiatsu. Thank you!"
                                                       -- Avivit M., Shoham