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What Is Naturopathy?

The basic approach in natural therapy is to allow the body to heal itself.  
Symptoms are the external manifestation of a disease. Treating only the symptoms only takes care of the external part of the  disease. The naturopathic approach is different, trying to address healing from inside out, looking for the inner cause and strengthening the body, supporting its natural innate efforts to overcome the disease.

Treating only the symptoms has very often as result an apparent healing, but in reality the disease becomes chronic and the symptoms resurface very soon. 
No real healing occurs and actually the disease is reaching a deeper level.

Another difference between naturopathy and Western medicine is the approach  towards the person versus approach towards the disease. Naturopaths will consider the person as a whole when suggesting a specific remedy, diet, supplement or herbal blend, instead of a particular symptom or disease definition.

All the above does not even start considering the harm done by drugs - when taken independently and even more when combined.

The tools used by naturopaths are educating about correct nutrition, helping with herbal and homeopathic remedies, coaching for creating proper eating, living and exercise habits.

The changes cannot be done suddenly and all at once, they require commitment and patience. Natural Choice For You TM offers customized programs that combine education, gradual learning and coaching – until new concepts and habits become second nature and true, lasting healing is achieved. 

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